Business Advisory

Intellective is a preeminent business advisory firm with a demonstrated record of helping businesses grow and succeed in the rapidly evolving international marketplace.

By offering a wide range of services and expertise tailored to meeting individual client needs, Intellective engages in every stage of strategic planning, raising capital, risk management, market development, ongoing operations, and asset sales.

Success requires in-depth knowledge and extensive first-hand experience.

Intellective has helped hundreds of corporations of all sizes succeed by assigning project teams tailored to the specific business or investment opportunity.

Our strategy capabilities span across corporate and business unit strategies, sales, and marketing.  Our operational capabilities include performance management, corporate restructuring, and complex project and program management.

Going Global

Sound corporate and financial decisions require a realistic appraisal of the political, economic, and business environment, and practical experience.  Intellective has experience with the many regulatory, political, and financial institutions that affect the activities of companies abroad.  

With experience working in 11 countries, Intellective truly understands how the globalization of services and the expansion of global financial markets present extraordinary business opportunities and challenges.  We can help you recognize and capitalize on emerging business opportunities.

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